20 July 2009

16 February 2009

Ryusei Okamoto - 'White Fox - Temptation'

'White Fox - Temptation' by by Ryusei Okamoto, born 1949 - Artelino auction

According to the artist, 'In Japanese mythology, foxes can take the form of beautiful girls that seduce and play tricks on young men.'

Artist's biography
Ryusei Okamoto's own website - Gallery in English
• Mr Okamoto's explanation of how to make a woodblock print in 'Diary of Carving Woodblocks'

Ando Hiroshige - 1797-1858

'Great Bridge: Sudden Rain at Atake' [Image]

Geisha triptych

By Maggie Thompson

'New Geisha'

Art by Fabian Perez


By Akira Nagasawa

Since 2003, Akira has been Assistant Professor of Tohoku University of Art & Design and is currently represented by the Galleria Grafica Tokio.

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi - 1885

'Oshichi climbing a fire tower' [Image]

Nakamura Daizaburo - 1898-1947

'Woman Seated by a Stream' - Spencer Museum

Chiura Obata - 1885–1975

'Evening Glow at Mono Lake - 1930' [Image]


'Passage' by Kasamatsu, 1962


'Returning Home' by Fritz Capelari, 1915